Amani Shaalan

The Owner of "Elan Fashion" Project


Hindaza - Bethlehem

Amani Shaalan is an aspiring Palestinian fashion designer from Bethlehem, known to combine traditional Palestinian textile manipulation techniques with modern day western fashion Silhouettes. Her designs are up to date and always on trend. Following the latest fashion trends- Amani tries to induce international runway designs with authentic Palestinian cross stitch embroidery

Amani finished her education in the Beitsahour fashion academy, and pursued her passion by working in a variety of local designers ateliers, building up her experience and skills towards setting up her own business and making her own garments with her own touch

Her debut collection is her first step towards launching her identity as a designer, and setting the base stone for her Fashion business. She designs for young trendy fashionistas, who aspire to stand out with on point designs whilst celebrating their heritage and tradition. Her work is proof of the timeless beauty treasured in the Palestinian traditional costume

A web of dreams ||

“Who said flying is restricted to skies? For i feel the lightness of flying when with you”. The collection is a weave of colors impregnated with love, hope and dreams, telling the story of every woman about to learn flying with her lover”.

Petrol green one sleeve mini dress
Navy blue front slit
Pink cape
Black wide legged
Black asymmetrical hand embroidered dress

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