Hana Falanah

The Owner of "Al-Asala" Project



Safa'- Ramallah

Hana Falanah as a Palestinian designer is the ambassador for traditional, historically proven, designs. Being a hard-working woman, living in the small village of Saffa near Ramallah, she understands the limitations local customs and traditions lay on women and their fashion preference.

She set up her business catering to the needs of her fellow villagers, growing their belief, with each design she made, in the capacity of fashion to embrace and merge the old with the new, whilst respecting all local expectations and creating beautiful modest yet alluring designs.

Hana is a very realistic goal-oriented designer, who wears the hat of a creative designer and that of a business woman simultaneously very well. Her atelier is both a designer hub as well as a seamstress shop, where all tastes and all customers are welcome. Her collection is an act of creative liberation, where she experimented with her ability to design free from customer demands and preferences.

Her mastery lay in her pattern-making skills, where she truthfully managed to design unique silhouettes incorporating traditional Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery motifs in an elegantly provocative manner. Her play with colors and details combined with the exquisite mastery of the handicraft made her collection as memorable and luxurious as can be.

The Beginning ||

Every designer has a long hard road to take in the fashion industry. Hana perceives this collection as a crossroads, where she shifted from sewing and dressmaking, and took her first confident steps towards designing and producing luxurious couture master pieces after long years of stress and fatique, celebrating thereby the beauty of everything she has learned and accomplished so far.

Black velvet draped
hip dress
Bell sleeve princess
Black satin chinese collar dress
Black asymetrical waist mermaid dress

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