Israa Al Shami

The Owner of "Rozweina" Project


Beit Our Al-Tahta- Ramallah

Israa al shami Palestinian designer Israa al shami launched her brand “Rozweina” back in 2015. The name itself reflected Israa’s infatuation with roses and beautiful women and their dresses

Her passion was to recreate old Heritage designs and traditional clothes in a modern way beautifying their wearer and celebrating the endless intricate techniques in the treasury of Palestinian textile design

Despite the resistance of her traditional family, Isra fought her way through her work convincing her husband and other members of the family design by design, piece by piece, of her extraordinary talent and ability to function as a mother and housewife as well as a fashion designer

Israa’s extreme determination, attention to detail and strong will to learn sewing techniques from her mother, who was a seamstress herself, along with her passion and eye for vibrant colors & playful silhouettes granted Israa a good reputation not only in her small Village “Beit Our”, but she slowly started being sought after from all the various parts of Palestine.

Israas thirst for innovation and experimentation was the generator behind her latest collection in which she follows the story of a beautiful woman getting ready to get married. Celebrating a crucial crossroads, the bride to be is presented in her engagement, “katb ktab”, and final wedding throughout the collection

Israa’s brilliance lay in her exquisite color combinations, where she travelled back in the history of Palestinian costume and dug out particular meaningfull prints and patterns from classic cross stitch embroidery and infused them with vibrant modern over the top color combinations. Her mastery lay further in the execution of the embroidery, where she mixed two traditional techniques “natesh” & “cross stitch” in an unfamiliar way, erasing lines between the classic patterns belonging to each category

The Palestinian bride, between wheat spikes and oilvetrees ||

Just as olives are fiercly rooted in the depths, here we are... just like the resilience of the cypress. Survival is the greatest resistance. Our culture protects our identity and strengthens our presence on this earth; The land of strength and struggle and a symbol of lofty and pride

White & purple cape dress
Purple spike clouche dress
Lilac bell sleeve pant suit
Purple oliveleaf jumpsuit

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