Shooting Location - Murad Castle

Murad Castle

Murad Castle, also known as the Castle ponds, is located in Artas Near Suleiman’s ponds, established in the Rome era as a new water system to supply Jerusalem city with water instead of the old water system. The written scripts in the old narratives differ to determine the date of the construction of Murad castle, while the prevailing narratives suggest that the castle was constructed in the reign of Sultan Sulieman Al-Qanouni under the name of (Suleiman’s ponds). The scripts that appear on the castle gate prove that it was built in the reign of Sultan Othman II in 1027 for the migration of 1618. Sultan Othman II decided to build a military base and place a garrison of fifty Ottoman soldiers there. The castle is built as a rectangular form and it has a guard tower at each of its four corners, its entrance located on the west side, the playground includes horse stables along with the soldiers’ barracks

Murad Castle museum/ Suleiman’s ponds

The national museum of history and heritage is located in the middle of the historical Murad castle. It is considered one of the main facilities that was carried out by Suleiman’s ponds company, where a lot of efforts and energies were integrated to provide magnificent, well - designed building prepared with the best decoration and tools. This stems from the faith of the importance of the Palestinian heritage in all its aspects and it must preserve from neglect, theft, forgery and loss

The museum aims to contribute in raising the awareness of Palestinian heritage by the local community in addition to delivered the Palestinian message to the tourists’ groups visit Palestine, to highlight the Palestinian national identity and the deep relation with the land, where the homeland displays in a museum. The museum describes the authentic daily life of the ancestors through different corners that show their handmade and indicate the ancient Palestinian lifestyle

The museum divided into three parts

  • Archaeology part
  • Heritage part
  • The outer courtyard

Archaeology Part

It's built from levels, each level expresses a historical era, starting from the ancient Bronze period and ending with the Islamic period. This section contains about 250 unique artifacts which are attractively displayed and tell the ancient history of Palestine and the civilizations that passed through it

Heritage part

heritage part consists of different sections in which the visitors pass from all aspects of the daily life of the Palestinian people passing from several historical era, the most important one is Ottoman era to the British mandate period and then the Jordanian mandate. It contains house of hair which reflects the Bedouin lifestyle with its authentic contents, the bride’s room, the old clothes and agricultural life, tools of works such as carpenter, blacksmith, stones, eating and drinking tools, and a beautiful panel that includes sets of keys from old houses from Palestinian villages

The outer courtyard

it contains part of the ancient Rome canal, an ancient horse cart, and a number of large artifacts

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