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Nayef Hammouri

BWF's Digital Consultant

Photographer, Digital Visual Content Developer for Tiraz

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Nayef Hammouri, freelance photographer , consultant, and trainer specialized in digital content creation and video production. Hammouri started his journey in photography in 2011. After that, photography became a passion and a hobby for him that allowed him to lead an artistic life and won many awards. Not only that but ,also, his pictures took the lead of local and international magazines and book covers like “Palestine Voice - PCF”, “This Week In Palestine”, “Filistin Ashabab”.

Besides his hobby of photography, he completed his studies in the Web Design field.That gave him ways to enter multiple digital fields, including web design, graphic design, social media and digital marketing. In addition to his former work as a Digital Marketing Specialist in MarCom with Ooredoo Palestine for three years. After that, he moved to freelance work and dedicated himself to establishing his own business, which combines his experience in many fields to be employed and centered in one place that combines photography and digital marketing which helped him understand the real needs of customers and provide the best service in order to achieve the required objectives. Furthermore, he has accomplished many projects with different organizations, companies and brands.

He is currently working as a freelance photographer skilled and specialized in food, lifestyle, events, and artistic photography. In addition to his hobbies in nature, landscape, astronomy and stars photography. He goes after his passion and travels locally and internationally to capture and shoot the beauty of the world.
He sees photography as a journey to document and collect many experiences, people, moments, places and stories. He aspires and craves to travel to more countries in order to practice his favorite hobby and captures the world from Palestinian lens.

Photography has shaped for him the world from different angles and perspectives. He wanted others to see that too. Believing in the saying “Learn to teach” and that life is a journey of giving, Hammouri has a passion for elevating the next generation of photographers by offering training and coaching sessions with more than 10 years of experience. He believes that teaching creative skills can help unlock all the beauty the world has to offer.

Hammouri participated in many photography competitions and won the first place in “Jerusalem in Your Eyes” competition in 2015, “Min Shobaki” competition in 2020, first place in the Palestinian Assembly for Photography and Exploration competition in 2017.In addition, he participated in the Palestine Photo-Marathon and got the second place in a row for 2014 and 2015.

Nayef has been a founding member of the Palestinian Astronomical Society since 5 years, which unifies amateur astronomers in Palestine. His role is to train amateur photographers to build, develop their skills and train them how to photograph stars and galaxies.

He coordinated and supervised the largest event "Astronomy Photography Camp", in which more than 100 Palestinian photographers participated. Moreover; he is a coordinating member of the Palestinian Forum for Photography and Exploration since 7 years, which is the first incubator for photographers and exploration amateurs in Palestine, that encourages local tourism and photography.

In addition, he participated in many international and local exhibitions like "Tell Me About My Homeland" in Istanbul and Palestine, "Palestine's Sky" in Palestine, “Jerusalem is the gateway to heaven” in Jordan.

About fashion photography, he photographed many fashion projects with an artistic touch. For example, he combined the features of archaeological sites in Palestine with Tiraz’s fashion collections. He also made a fashion project for a brand and combined the shooting session with another food shooting session in a restaurant.

Nayef also prefers to combine nature photography with fashion, especially the Palestinian designs, In order to express more about the Palestinian land.
He says. "I always try to take my pictures from a new perspective to get out of the box and turn these photographs into an attractive piece of art.”

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