Rahma abu Tarboush

The Owner of "Bait Al Asayel" Project



Beit Jabreen - Bethlehem

Rahma abu Tarboush is a Palestinian textile & fashion designer. She took it upon herself to use her work to preserve and document traditional, slowly dying, fabric manipulation techniques inherited in Palestine. Growing up in al-Khader village in the Bethlehem area in a big family, Rahma was destined to be married off young to Azza refugee camp and leave school in the final stages of her studies
She was blessed with 7 Beautiful children, one of which suffered a permanent handicap right after his birth. What could have broken many, only made her stronger. Rahma was determined to pave her way into educating herself and building her business, through which she could support her family and spread awareness of the beautiful traditional techniques she grew up around, acting as a role model for her kids.
Rahma enrolled herself in all the possible courses possible, teaching herself sewing, cross stitch, couching, brazilian embroidery, crochet, pattern making etc. She set up her small seamstress shop under her house in the camp and went as far as finishing her school education many years after she had her children. After her husband suffered a work injury and lost his job, Rahmas business became a vital source of income for the household

Rahma’s collection is a reflection of her inner strength and beauty, a story of hope. The collection demonstrates persistence and maturity that comes only after many lessons in life. Her floral designs celebrate her endless belief in the beauty of God creation and wisdom and hope in an always better tomorrow

Her color palette builds up a journey from black, through colors, ending in white. Every stitch, every thread was executed solely by Rahmas fatigued hands. Loyal to her desire to present perfection in every look, she spent many sleepless long nights finalizing her collection, whilst simultaneously acting as a mother, teacher, housewife, carer and breadwinner. Her customer is a confident, strong and mature woman, who enjoys life and proudly wears her heritage

Violet Blossom ||

A bright collection woven with sun rays and violet blossoms scented with Palestinian folklore. The collection displays traditional designs with a modern edge and a Palestinian identity radiating original majestic colors and touches, in hope of perserving our Palestinian traditional fashion from exctinction and theft as days go by

Black chiffon top & hand embroidered pants
Navy blue ruffle pant
Puff sleeve floral embroidery midi dress
White body-con trail couching dress

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