Women and Youth Entrepreneurs Leading Change - OBADER

About OBADER Project:

The project “Women and Youth Entrepreneurs Leading Change - OBADER” is implemented by CARE International (West Bank / Gaza) in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy; in partnership with the Government of Canada for a period of four years (2018-2022).

OBADER is implemented in partnership with the Business Women’s Forum and Center for Continuing Education at Birzeit University in the West Bank, and with Save Youth Future Society and the Small Enterprises Center in the Gaza Strip.
The OBADER project aims to promote empowerment and economic prosperity for women and youth entrepreneurs (female and male) with low and medium incomes.

Where CARE and its partners seek to achieve the goals of the OBADER project by working to improve the enabling and regulating environment for entrepreneurship, and working to reduce gender-specific barriers (structural and social) that women and youth entrepreneurship face, by supporting enabling organization, service providers and value chain actors and to provide better services for male and female entrepreneurs, take into account gender differences, and reduce the obstacles they face.
At the same time, CARE and its partners are working to build capacity and job opportunities for women and youth entrepreneurs (existing medium, small and micro enterprises, in traditional and non-traditional sectors); By empowering them economically and supporting their creative initiatives and projects in order to establish, run and successfully develop sustainable businesses; Thus encouraging them to engage in community building.