About Tiraz Fashion Show

The idea of "Tiraz" comes as an outcome of the product development and technical assistance provided by Business Women Forum (BWF) for women entrepreneurs participating in OBADER project in the fashion design sector.

As a culmination of this stage, this show has been prepared, in order to present the distinctive collections of fashion that have been developed by women entrepreneurs over a period over several months of practical training, support and guidance and coaching by BWF specialized team. This show also came as a response to the consequences of COVID 19 spread and as an adaptation of creative and technological solutions that the world is heading towards..

This activity is implemented within the framework of "Women and Youth Entrepreneurs Leading Change - OBADER”, project which implemented by CARE Palestine (West Bank/ Gaza) in close cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy; and in partnership with Business Women Forum and supported by the Canadian Government for 4 years from 2018-2022".

Many years ago, Palestinian women have vowed to preserve our history and tell stories of Palestine. Despite hard circumstances, Palestinian women wove into their dresses the history of Palestine and its people. They drew with their needles symbols and images, documented geographical realities, spun threads stitching into fabrics truths that can never be erased. With their hunched backs, exhausted finger tips and tired eyes, they managed to imprint and preserve our Palestinian identity that comes to life every time we see a beautiful thobe that carries thousands stories.
Following in the footsteps of these grandmothers-and as a part of product development and technical assistance component provided by Business Women Forum within OBADER project through qualified experts, women entrepreneurs were equipped with skills, tools and technologies be able to step into the Global fashion market.

Their study of today’s silhouettes, textiles, lines & market color palettes allowed them to reintroduce old techniques and designs using modern techniques and latest fashion trends. They were thoroughly trained in the various elements and principles of fashion design enhancing their understanding of their own heritage as well as today's fashion trends.

This project has been a thorough training, preparing these entrepreneurs to compete in the modern fashion industry while preserving their identity and culture. Enhancing their production and design skills to meet global measures, increase their production capacity and create a competitive, market ready level products. A great focus was laid on their design skills, and the importance of being able to build a cohesive collection that tells an actual story and has a valid concept. Their ability to think outside the box and take independent decisions was crucial to the development of their work. Bringing women together from various areas of Palestine has brought a nice variety to the techniques, color palettes and patterns seen in the final fashion show.

The training and preparation for the final collection and show were quite challenging due to Covid-19 invasion. Training was held in smaller groups, while wearing gloves and masks, where many of the women were challenged to function at that time more than ever as mothers, wives and breadwinners. Most of the entrepreneurs were also struggling with time, trying to commit to actual training, managing a life balance between their families and work, to be able to pursue their tasks of completing their collections.

It has been a rough road, paved with challenges - emotionally, physically and financially. However, 5 ambitious entrepreneurs managed to turn their struggles and challenges into beautiful collections that will tell new stories of women determination to document the history and reality of Palestine.